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Celebrated back in 1994 as a world first, Siemens AlgoRex has been an extremely successful range of early fire detection systems for almost 25 years.

Whilst the systems are known for their reliability and capability, Siemens AlgoRex is being phased out and as systems need to be replaced or upgraded, parts are in short supply and in many cases no replacement parts are available.


Siemens AlgoRex Migration

As a Siemens Platinum Solutions Partner, BBC Fire & Security has the expertise and experience to carry out lifecycle migration from Siemens legacy fire detection systems.

Careful planning is required to minimise disruption. Empathy for existing circumstances and the nature of the premises and the business is essential, including an understanding of the impact of any works on your day to day operations, and more, the potential impact on existing fire safety arrangements.

One of our strengths is we can provide systems and solutions that can retain the existing wiring infrastructure, minimising the impact on our Customers’ operations.

Siemens Cerberus PRO has full backward compatibility with the Siemens AlgoRex system enabling customers to transition seamlessly to more advanced technology.

This means that the system replacement can be carried out in phases, enabling us to replace the AlgoRex control panels and retain the existing AlgoRex loop devices (Sensors, Callpoints and Interfaces).

Once operating on the new Cerberus PRO system, the loop devices can be upgraded to the new Cerberus PRO loop devices one loop at a time until the full system has been upgraded.

This allows your existing infrastructure to be used and the work to be carried out in phases, removing all risk, commercial expense and system downtime of a complete product replacement.

In addition to unique, future-oriented fire detection technology, Siemens Cerberus PRO offers new options and maximum flexibility for future modernisations.

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