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CSL’s solutions, platforms and partnerships with Mobile Network Operators worldwide allow them to provide complete end-to-end connectivity services for Security, Fire, Telecare and other mission critical M2M/IoT applications. Whether it’s SIM only, satellite, DSL, or multi-path they will deliver the best combination for your connectivity requirements.

Today CSL are the trusted choice to provide connectivity for over half a million M2M/IoT devices throughout the world.

Their platform handles over 4 billion events each month and securely collates data ready to push to their portals which provide real-time visibility on the status of a connected device. This is all backed-up by their 24/7 managed support services to ensure maximum availability, reliability and customer service.

Seamlessly connected to our own 24/7 Alarm & Video Receiving Centre CSL support us in providing a connected and comprehensive solution to our customers.


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