Lone Worker Solution

Lone Worker SolutionLone Worker Solution

To provide a safe and crime free environment, we offer an innovate solution to help reduce the ever-increasing risks associated with Lone Working.

A Lone Worker is defined as an employee who performs their role in isolation from others and without close or direct supervision. To ensure every work place is safe, we can protect your employees by ensuring they are never alone.

Designed to provide your employees with a safe and protected working environment, our Lone Worker Solution is a practical and robust communication device that can be worn by your employees via the belt mounted carry case.

Our Lone Worker Solution allows the user to press a red panic button if they feel threatened or require urgent assistance. Once pressed a priority alarm will be activated within our AVRC providing our trained operatives with the employee’s exact location allowing us to make contact and provide any assistance necessary.

If your employee should fall or be knocked down, the integrated motion detector within the device will send a priority alarm directly to Marlowe Connect, warning our Operatives of the issue and allowing us to resolve the problem.

If an emergency is suspected or confirmed on your site, one of our Operators will contact the Emergency Services and follow any agreed emergency protocol. To provide complete visibility, all sites fitted with a CCTV system that is monitored through Marlowe Connect can be visually verified should an alarm activation occur.

Our Lone Worker Solution connects us to your employees, allowing us to ensure that your people are protected at any time of day or night when they are working in isolation from others and without close or direct supervision.

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