cctv monitoring

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV systems are far more effective when monitored. Acting as both a deterrent and active security measure, intrusion and vandalism can be minimised through CCTV monitoring combined with police response.

Using the latest CCTV monitoring technology we deter and stop criminal activity on our customers’ sites day and night.

Our vigilant monitoring service has noticeably decreased the amount of burglary and criminal damage caused to our customer’s secure premises.

Through the integration of Public Address (PA) systems, our Operators can instruct intruders that their actions are being recorded, providing live visual data from the received images to confirm their appearance and actions while simultaneously notifying the Merlin logorelevant authorities of the intruder’s presence.Immix logo

We operate across a large number of transmission platforms, enabling compatibility with your existing systems.

Working with a wide range of leading manufacturers, BBC Fire & Security is at the forefront of monitoring technology.

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