Our commitment to quality, efficiency and innovation is recognised by the industry’s leading certification bodies

In a world of risk assessment, regulation and litigation we understand our customer’s need to employ, only the most experienced service and solution providers.

Today, BBC Fire & Security maintain the premier certifications available to our industry and are subject to rigorous and regular third party audits.

Throughout our business we maintain a Culture of Compliance, ensuring that all Team Members are aware of their responsibilities to support you in ensuring your Compliance.

You can be assured that our team of Designers, Installers and Service Engineers operate to the highest standards in accordance with the latest Regulations and British Standards.

More about BAFE

BAFE is the independent registration body for third party certified fire protection companies across the UK. A national independent register of quality fire safety service providers.

BAFE develops schemes to support quality standards for fire protection companies to achieve and become third party certified.

If you require fire protection services for your premises then you need BAFE to be sure that the companies that provide them meet all the appropriate standards and are independently audited.

We are BAFE certified to the following schemes:

BAFE SP201 (LPS 1014)LPS 1014 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems – Scheme No. SP201 (LPS 1014)

This scheme is only for companies who already hold the LPCB/BRE LPS 1014 certification (Fire Detection and Alarm Systems) and wish to register with BAFE. You cannot register to this scheme without this certification.



Competency of Portable Fire Extinguisher Organisations and Technicians – Scheme No. SP101

If you require maintenance services on your fire extinguishers, you need a company registered to the BAFE SP101 scheme. With this scheme you can also request to see the technicians BAFE ID card that is issued only after a successful registration of that technician.


Emergency Lighting Systems – Scheme No. SP203-4

If you require Emergency Lighting for your organisation you should use a BAFE Emergency Lighting SP203-4 registered company.




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