Senate House

Client: University of London, Senate House

Contract Value: £500,000+

Known to many as the building where Big Brother resided in George Orwell’s novel 1984, it is a London landmark building.

Senate House is Grade II listed building, with Marble Floors, Marble Walls, and Oak Panelled Walls in a number of areas of the House, making installation and design concepts important obstacles to overcome.

Our ability to seamlessly integrate radio and hard wired detection and alarm devices onto the Notifier System Network was a key factor in the University selecting BBC Fire & Security and the Notifier System.

Having installed the original fire alarm system at Senate House in 1995, BBC Fire & Security was chosen by the University to undertake the upgrade and installation of a 10 Panel Networking Fire Alarm System as part of a major building refurbishment.

Due to the large size of the Building, a network of Notifier ID3000 Control Panels were selected to Control the System.

The ID3000, with its modular construction powerful programme, and ability to integrate radio devices could easily be adapted to allow the system to grow with the continual developments of the University.

BBC Fire & Security installed over 1500 Call Points and Automatic Fire Detectors to provide the very earliest detection to this important facility.

To aid alarm controls and management, BBC Fire & Security installed a Notifier Onyxworks Alarm Management Computer Graphics System.