British Sugar

Client: British Sugar

Contract Value: £900,000+

British Sugar had rented their original Fire Alarm Systems for many years. Over time, the system technology became outdated and the overall installations were non compliant with changing industry standards and legislation.

British Sugar decided that they would not renew their existing rental arrangements, but to out-right purchase new systems and conducted a comprehensive evaluation of their requirements which included system type, system manufacturer and system provider.

At the end of this evaluation, based upon experience, financial standing, 3rd party and health and safety accreditations, BBC Fire & Security was selected as their specialist provider for the Design, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance for new replacement Hard wired and radio Fire Alarms and the removal of old systems.

The original brief was only for the factory at Bury St Edmunds, but after a smooth and successful installation and handover, BBC Fire successfully negotiated a 2nd, almost identical contract for the Newark Factory.

BBC Fire & Security installed a Network of Apollo Protocol Advanced Electronics Control Panels and over 1500 compatible LPCB approved Call Points, Automatic Fire Detectors and Audio Visual Warning Devices. Air Sampling Smoke Detection Systems were installed to critical Plant Control areas.


Design systems to BS5839-1 to a variety of categories including selection of equipment for use in Explosive atmospheres

Install new Networking Addressable Fire Controls linked to a Central Alarm Management Graphics PC

Install Field Fire Detection and Audio Vis-ual Warning Devices (20% Radio)

Programme, Test, Commission and Certificate the systems