False Alarms – Can Your System Kill?

false alarms

When you are a patient in Hospital you are at your most vulnerable. You would expect to be safe, secure and have the highest level of care; and quite right too.

However a series of events at a NHS Hospital almost killed a patient.

The case in point occurred on October 26 2011, when a bedroom automatic fire detector was triggered at the Woodlands Unit at Ipswich Hospital. For more than five minutes there was no attempt to investigate the cause of the alarm.

When staff did eventually go to the room, they found a smoke logged room and a patient unconscious. The fire was so severe that staff were unable to evacuate the patient and had to leave them in the smoke-filled room until fire services arrived, some 28 minutes after the original alarm was activated. Luckily the patient survived!

The system at Woodlands had been a nuisance to the Staff with its persistent activation for no apparent reason. There had been no fires. Investigations of CCTV footage and fire alarm logs proved that on eight separate occasions a member of staff either silenced or reset the alarm. So on October 26 it was another nuisance alarm from that ‘pesky’ fire alarm system. Except this time is wasn’t – this time it was a FIRE and it was nearly FATAL.

At BBC Fire we make it an absolute priority to reduce false fire alarms. By using advanced technologies from world renowned brands, such as Siemens and Honeywell, and applying our decades of experience and skills in system design we can eliminate false alarms and the resultant apathy towards fire alarms. If a fire alarm sounds, it really will be a fire. BBC Fire guides its Clients beyond simple compliance and provides a solution based upon what best helps them survive the effects of a fire.

So how can you prevent this happening to your premises and personnel, and how can we help?


With leading technologies from Siemens and Notifier we can eliminate false alarms. Not convinced? We can provide a live demonstration to you, at your site. Call us let us prove it to you.


With 35+ years of experience and validated by the Loss Prevention Certification Board, BBC Fire ensures the right detection technology is employed and installed in full compliance with the manufacturers and statutory requirements.

If you would like to know more about the services we offer or if you would like a demonstration of our False Alarm Reduction Technologies, please Contact Us

False Alarms – Can Your System Kill?

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