BBC Fire Protection Visits The Kenninghall Cubs

Kenninghall Cubs

A few weeks ago our Business Development Manager, Mike Estall, had his most challenging presentation to date: teaching the Kenninghall Cubs a thing or two about fires and fire safety precautions.

Mike did an excellent job of putting across the serious subject in an engaging and interesting way that would resonate and be understood by 7-10 year olds.

During the session, the group covered everything from home safety precautions, to how to activate call points and even practised their emergency evacuation procedures.

It took several attempts, but after a bit of practice the Kenninghall Cubs had their emergency exit down to a T; leaving quietly, without running or collecting their belongings.

At the end of the session each child received a “Thirst Extinguisher”, a water bottle designed in the shape of an extinguisher to provide “Dehydration Relief”. Something everyone here in the office is rather jealous of.

Overall, it was a great experience and we really hope the session was beneficial to all the cubs.

Jo Knox, Cubs Leader said:

“On Tuesday 10th November Kenninghall Cub group enjoyed a visit from Mike Estall from BBC Fire, where he talked to the Cubs about fire safety, including showing how fire alarms work and the different types of fire extinguishers and what they are used for. He used a ‘fire safety at home’ quiz to encourage them to look at risks in their homes.

The Cubs found the visit very informative and enjoyable and were so excited to go home with their ‘fire extinguisher’ water bottles that they were given. They even showed how much they had learnt when we visited a fire station the following week and they knew a lot of the answers that the fireman asked. We would like to thank Mike for giving up his time and to BBC fire for donating the water bottles.”

BBC Fire Protection Visits The Kenninghall Cubs

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