Wireless Fire ProtectionWireless Fire Protection or Hard Wired?

Westminster Adult Education Service moves into a newly refurbished building at Lisson Grove, where BBC Fire Protection proves that employing wireless technology isn’t always the answer, especially long term.

A reliable and effective Fire Alarm System is essential for all commercial properties.

Loss Prevention Certification Board LPS1014 certificated, we maintain an established reputation in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and monitoring of fire detection systems, providing a bespoke solution for many of the UK’s most prestigious, corporate and historic buildings.

We offer both Conventional Fire Alarms and Analogue Addressable solutions utilising the latest technologies to protect what matters most.

In addition to providing benchmark open protocol fire detection solutions, we offer specialist, managed protocol solutions for specific risk applications. Our unique solutions offer value added benefits by providing efficient detection precisely designed for challenging environments and particular high value, critical system risks.

Read the full Case Study:

Case Study – Westminster Adult Education Service

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Wireless Fire Protection or Hard Wired?

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