false fire alarmsFire Minister Calls For Action To Prevent False Fire Alarms

False Alarms cost UK Businesses and the Fire and Rescue Services over £1 Billion per year for attendance, interruption of business  and loss of production.

250,000 false fire alarms are initiated across the UK every year and Fire Minister, Brandon Lewis, has called for action to prevent this burden on the already overstretched public spending.

Fire engines are called to false alarms every 12 minutes in London alone, at an annual cost of £34 Million. For the whole of the country there were almost 230,000 False Alarms reported as “Due to Apparatus”

The Minister claimed that many of the false alarms could be prevented if new technology is implemented.

BBC Fire Protection is at the leading edge of providing equipment using superior detection technologies and advanced algorithms to ‘filter out’ false alarm activations using Siemens ASA Technologies and the ‘SMART’ suite of detectors from Notifier.

In fact using these new technologies, BBC Fire are able to drastically reduce the incidence of false alarms, so much so that we can reduce annual false alarm to automatic detector ratios to 1:300, some 15 times better than the 1:20 required by BS5839-1.

That’s a tremendous potential saving of time, money and resource – so make sure you specify BBC Fire Protection utilising our ASA and SMART technology products.

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Fire Minister Calls For Action To Prevent False Fire Alarms

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