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Plus Plus is a convenient way for contractors to purchase their Fire Alarm System components and to also incorporate all their design, certification and warranty requirements.

It’s a sign of the times – it’s never just about supplying and installing a Fire Alarm System. Clients, Insurers, 3rd Party Accreditation bodies want compliance to the standards adhered to and demonstrated.

Of course, as a Contractor, you’re probably very well versed and experienced in electrical installations including fire alarms, but the expense and more importantly the time consumed in proving competence and compliance can be most frustrating.

That’s where our Plus Plus package comes in.

We will take that ‘monkey off your back’ and as part of our supply package we will be include full system designs and taking the Design Liability off you.

We will issue BS5839-1 Design Certificates and CAD drawings which you can use as ‘Working Drawings’ and at the same time we will produce and issue you with a framed pictographic zone chart, ready for installation next to the Fire Alarm Control Panel.

During the installation period, you will have access to Technical Support on-line and by phone 24/7.

After you have carried out the installation we will produce ‘AS INSTALLED’ drawings for you, from your ‘rough’ drawings marked on site and issue one hard copy and one soft copy for your records and inclusion in the Building Manual.

We will Test the entire system and issue a BS5839-1 Commissioning Certificate, at which time we will accept on-site warranty of the system for 12 Months, leaving you free from any further responsibility for the system, subject to Terms.

Plus Plus will be available as part of bespoke Monthly packages where we offer the Electrical Trade the very finest Products at very competitive prices which include:-

  • System Designs
  • Design Certificates
  • Working Drawings*
  • Zone Charts*
  • Delivery
  • Technical Support 24/7
  • As-Installed Drawings
  • Test and Commissioning
  • On-Site Warranty
  • 1 Hard and 1 Soft Set of all Drawings*

(* Drawings and Charts will include your Logo and Title Block)

Plus Plus – The New Way of Buying a Fire Alarm System for Contractors

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