Fire Alarm Design, Install and Commission

Design, install and commission

Fire Alarm Design, Install and CommissionUtilising innovative technical solutions, at commercially competitive rates, throughout the Life Cycle of your fire detection and security system, we provide services and solutions that protect people, property, assets, and business continuity from the risk of fire and intrusion.

Our services include:


System Design



System Design

Our Design Team possess a wealth of experience and success in designing and specifying compliant fire life safety and security solutions. In all projects we combine our expert knowledge with a commitment to attentive, personal service.

All designers are trained and certificated and are experts in professionally evaluating our customer’s needs to produce compliant designs with a focus on engineering value added solutions, including, the Diploma in Fire Alarm System Design run, and certificated by the Association of Building Engineers and the Fire Industry Association (formerly BFPSA). We have invested in developing strong relationships with many leading manufacturers to ensure our design team are provided with continuous training, retaining and improving their competency and providing access to bespoke software to assist and confirm correct system design and operation.

We have specified, designed, installed and commissioned high-quality fire protection and security systems for many major institutions and commercial operations, complying with our duties as a Designer under the Construction Design Management (CDM) Regulations.

In addition we have successfully delivered hundreds of new build, refurbishment and upgrade projects of networked systems, PC based graphics, specially engineered control panels and complex Cause and Effect configurations.

Equipped with the latest AutoCAD, AutoDesk, ASite and Buzzsaw software, our Design Team can provider you with a bespoke, site specific design solutions that will support in mitigating your fire life safety and security risks.

Our customers know that by choosing BBC Fire & Security they invest in an individual solution, not simply a piece of equipment.


Since 1979 BBC Fire & Security has amassed a wealth of experience in carrying out works to the most exacting specifications and standards, enabling us to offer a sympathetic, professional and effective installation.

Our installation team is vastly experienced in all types and scale of installation projects,  ranging in value from £1,000 to over £1,000,000.

All in house, Installation Engineers hold relevant qualifications in addition to CSCS/CCNSG and annual asbestos awareness training and are vetted to the highest security levels, providing our customers with confidence in our ability to carry out our service even in the most sensitive and secure areas of their operations.

For new build projects we have an excellent understanding of the construction process and the considerate approach and good communications that are required to deliver projects. We are experienced operating under Construction Design Management (CDM) requirements and have acted as Principal Contractor on many projects.

For existing occupied premises we have a wealth of expertise and proven processes to undertake installations without impacting on our customers operations.

All completed installations are certificated under the relevant Certification Scheme.


We pride ourselves on submitting compliant designs and undertaking well structured installations with meticulous attention to the highest standards of Health and Safety.

With systems and components using powerful microprocessors and software it is vital that any system is competently commissioned to ensure optimum performance and compliance with the specification and standards.

We offer Commissioning, System Verification and Certification on all installed systems and can provide the additional certification of the Loss Prevention Certification Board which is a requirement of many Insurers and Consultancies.

All Commissioning Engineers are equipped with the latest authenticated versions of the manufacturers programming software and are trained and competent to programme the system, conduct tests and finally commission and certificate the system.

We are experienced in programming and commissioning very complex systems Cause and Effects. This involves investigation into:

  • Time delays
  • Day/night mode
  • Coincidence/double knock mode
  • Phased evacuation processes
  • CFOA Policy Compliance for the Reduction in Unwanted Alarms and Fire Brigade Attendance

It is our policy to involve the Commissioning Engineer at the earliest stages of a project and gain their vital input in regards to the systems’ commissioning requirements.

Our own skilled and trained Commissioning Engineers form part of an autonomous Team, providing them with the independence necessary to verify system design, performance and the general installation.

Our connected approach minimises the time at the time sensitive end of a project.

Once the system is commissioned full end user training is given both in the operation of the control equipment and the user’s responsibility for the management and maintenance of the fire detection system.

In depth, system support training is offered to all customers and can be undertaken at their site, our in house Training Centre or the relevant Manufacturers premises.

Simple pictographic user instructions are provided to help personnel with very limited aptitude to safely and correctly operate and interpret the system.

The system is offered for acceptance with:

Witness testing
Operational & Maintenance (O&M) manuals
Module certification
Maintenance requirements
Record drawings
Testing schedules
Manufacturer’s manuals
Residual risks

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