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There are many items common to a Fire Alarm System irrespective of technology, type or manufacturer, including test switches, remote indicators, relays etc.

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Fire Alarm Signalling Test Switch (Blue)

Our Fire Alarm Signalling Test Switch is a simple solution to enable even the least skilled operator to isolate Plant and the auxiliary functions of a fire alarm system.

Commonly used to assist staff with weekly testing of the fire alarm system without operating auxiliary functions such as shutting down Air Handling, closing fuel valves, opening or closing vents, etc., etc.

Call Point Stopper with Alarm

This Protective cover to help stop malicious or accidental false fire alarms. This unique device has been helping stop false fire alarms around the world for decades, without restricting legitimate operation of devices such as fire alarm break glass call points. Ideal for schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and all public buildings where there is a history or a threat of false fire alarms.

Fire Alarm Pagers

The paging solution for a range of applications including compliance with the Equality Act for Hard of Hearing Fire Alarm signalling, and other General Fire Alarm Management applications.

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