Reducing our Carbon Footprint


Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Updating our vehicle fleet brings major benefits to the Environment, the Public, our staff and also BBC Fire Protection.

Following the Company’s success in 2011 in acquiring is ISO14001 Environmental accreditation it has been actively seeking ways of reducing its environmental footprint.

Probably one of the greatest direct impacts the Company has on the environment is via its fleet of cars and vans, operating some thirty vans and forty cars throughout the UK.

Commencing in 2013 the Company has set a policy of acquiring as many of its new vehicles with the highest environmental credentials as possible which has involved the Company is changing some of its suppliers.  To date four new Peugeot Partner vans, five new Peugeot 3008 estate cars and two C5s’ have been acquired all fitted with the new stop start feature.

It is planned that later in the year the Company will receive it first hybrid vehicle.


Clearly, our new policy has a win, win, win potential, it is automatically a win for the operatives who are driving these vehicles in that they will benefit from the reduced personal tax, it is a win for the Company in that hopefully the staff are motivated by the tax saving whilst at the same time gaining from the improved fuel efficiency which in turn helps to off-set the additional capital cost and last but not least we hope that it is a win for our Clients through having a supplier who is forward thinking and conscious of and active in making an environmental difference.


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