The Big Society

The Big Society

Our girl Paula does her bit, and we're proud of her.


At BBC Fire we take our Social Responsibilities seriously, we believe in the ethos of David Cameron's ‘Big Society', so we are delighted to bring you the following report.


Paula Kelly one of our engineers and who is one of a very few female Fire Alarm engineers in our industry took it upon herself to play her part in the ‘Big Society'.


Typically, the most she falls from is her bed in the morning, but not one particular day. This day she fell from 20,000 feet; fortunately with a parachute attached!. (It confirmed what many of us have thought at BBC Fire for a long time - she's definitely MAD!)


We asked Paula why; "I've always wanted to do a skydive, and once I'd decided to do it, I thought it would be a good opportunity to raise some money for a good cause" she said. Paula chose Cancer Research UK charity as the selected beneficiaries. Paula explained "there are many peoples lives decimated by the effects of Cancer, not just those who have it, but partners, families and friends of those affected".


We say good choice, well done to you Paula; ‘go girl'.


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