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The sweet taste of success

The sweet taste of success

BBC Fire Protection protects the British Sugar Factory at Bury St Edmunds

Using a network of 13 intelligent addressable fire alarm panels linked to an Alarm Graphics Monitoring PC, BBC Fire protected the entire site for British Sugar Bury St Edmunds.

Facilities protected including raw processing, refining, packaging, administration and plant services buildings.

As a LPCB approved system designer, BBC Fire were employed to undertake the system design and the diverse range of risks and applications needed careful consideration to the protection of the risk, but also the potential for false alarms due to to the particulary dirty and dusty processes of refined sugar production and its by products.

BBC Fire used a number of 'Airsense' Aspirating Smoke Sensors at various sensitivity settings to provide Very High Sensitivity for the protecting of PLC Controls, to normal sensitivity for difficult to access areas, as part of our design process in compliance with CDM Regulations.  

Over 1500 Apollo intelligent fire devices and >20km of cable were installed.

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