BBC Fire & Security certified as Fixed Gaseous Fire Extinguishing System Service Provider under BAFE SP203-3

We are delighted to announce that we are now certified under BAFE Scheme SP203-3 for the Design, Installation, Commissioning, Handover, Verification and Maintenance of fixed gaseous fire suppression systems.

Fire Suppression Systems extinguish electrical fires by releasing a concentration of gas within a particular room, removing the oxygen and extinguishing the fire. Most commonly found in server rooms, computer suites and communication rooms a Gas Suppression System protects the integral functions of your business.

Successfully completing all Scheme Modules, BBC Fire & Security can provide a total Fixed Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Solution.

The BAFE Scheme has been developed to permit organisations involved with the design, installation, commissioning/handover and maintenance of fixed gaseous fire suppression systems to become third party certificated and listed in recognition of their competence to undertake work on fixed gaseous fire extinguishing systems.

In particular the Scheme recognises the importance of:

  • Providing compliant fixed gaseous fire suppression systems
  • Minimising inadvertent discharges
  • Ensuring System are fully handed over to the Customer
  • Variations from the original Specification are identified

The rigorous audit was undertaken by our chosen Certification body the British Standards Institution (BSI).

We now join an elite group of less than 45 UK service providers registered under SP203-3 with the proven competence to deliver fixed Gaseous Fire Extinguishing System Service.

Certification under this Scheme provides; our customers, their insurance providers and enforcing authorities (including the Fire & Rescue Services) confidence that the services and solutions we deliver are to the highest standards of quality and technical competence and have fully taken into consideration the safety of occupants and all effected parties.

Our thanks go to all dedicated Team Members involved in the audit process.

If you require Fixed Gaseous Fire Suppression systems for your organisation you should use a BAFE Fixed Gaseous Fire Suppression systems SP203-3 registered company.

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BBC Fire & Security certified as Fixed Gaseous Fire Extinguishing System Service Provider

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