If the answer is YES, then your door control systems should also comply with the additional requirements of BS7273-4.


Because of the 12 monitoring requirements for Category A system, audible devices that are activated by an acoustic system are unsuitable.

The Fire Industry Association Factfile No. 0050 states:

‘The recommendations in BS 7273-4 at first glance seem quite simple and straightforward; however it is unlikely that an existing EN54-2 fire panel will fully comply without modification’

It also says, ‘It is known that currently many addressable fire alarm system input / output interfaces require a control signal for the output to change state. If the communication protocol were to fail for any reason (e.g. a system fault or a component fault in the communication hardware) the interface would remain in its last or current state. Such an interface would not be acceptable to control the release of doors to category A.’

WHAT IS BS7273-4?

BS7273-4 is a code of practise that provides consistent guidance for all parties which includes recommendations for:

» Ensuring automatic fire doors close in the event of a fire alarm to prevent the spread of smoke and fire and to aid escape.
» Ensuring automatic doors fail ‘open’ in the event of a fire alarm and do not trap occupants or inhibit their escape.
» Ensuring access controlled doors, gates and turnstiles fail ‘open’ in the event of a fire alarm and not trap occupants or inhibit their escape.

The standard categorises systems into A, B and C categories with A being the most onerous category.

BBC Fire Protection can offer compliance and help, for more information please head to:

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